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13. Nov 2019

Purpose – From Buzz to Business

Bienen auf einer Bienenwabe in Schwarz-Weiß

The current purpose debate is a mixture of zeitgeist and desperation. The vast majority of consumers believe that companies need to act responsibly now more than ever. At the same time, established brands are under great economic pressure to assert themselves against new players and rules of the game. Companies are asking themselves the legitimate question of the business effect of purpose-driven action. Is it worth being good?

So much in advance: yes, purpose is worthwhile. But how does a company find its purpose? How do you operationalize it? How do consumers decide between credibility and 'believe-me-not'? And what role does marketing play in finding, implementing and communicating purpose?

The study "Purpose - from buzz to business" aims to provide answers to these questions. For this study, eleven expert interviews were conducted with decision-makers from the retail, FMCG, industry and SaaS sectors. The consumer perspective was qualitatively examined through ten qualitative remote interviews and a target group workshop with representatives of Generation Z and then validated through a quantitative online representative consumer survey (n=1017).

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