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30. Aug 2022

diffferent establishes Team Lead Circle

Personen des Team Lead Circle von der Strategieberatung diffferent

Berlin, August 30, 2022 - A new collaboration model, a contemporary management practice and interdisciplinary collaboration: diffferent is rethinking leadership and, with the "Team Lead Circle", is now establishing a leadership team with a flat hierarchy under the direction of Managing Directors Kristina Bonitz and Sascha Mahlke. The strategy consultancy for new growth currently employs a total of 120 people.

The leadership team's task is to collaboratively develop diffferent strategically as an organization, think ahead and continuously drive innovation. In this way, diffferent not only aims to better meet the increasing demands of its customers, but also to react even faster to the rapidly changing conditions of the labor market - from new work and hybrid working to mental wellbeing and agile strategies - and to establish new growth internally.

With the new structure, diffferent is laying the foundations for a contemporary, decentralized management model and is also exemplifying diversity of perspectives and interdisciplinary collaboration at the highest management level.

Kristina Bonitz

CEO of diffferent

„We want diffferent to produce excellent results with a lot of fun at work. I personally believe very strongly in the power of participative leadership and that authentic, individual and diverse leadership styles are enhanced through collaboration"

In addition to Bonitz and Mahlke, the extended management team includes team leaders from industry teams as well as specialists from the areas of expertise and corporate functions. These are: Jean Boucsein (Director Automotive, Mobility & Transportation), Michael Fleck (Director Retail & Media Ecosystems), Emke Hillrichs (Director Retail & Media Ecosystems), Brigitte Liermann (Director Health & Nutrition), Birgit Maier (Director Research & Design), Maria Meermeier (Director Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), Elisa Müller (Head of Business Development), Kai Nehls (Head of Finance & Operations), Kim Neikes (Head of People & Culture), Nico Rudorf (Director Banking, Financial Services & Insurance), Mustafa Sahin (Diector Business Design), Tim Schneidermeier (Director Connected Life & Smart Technology) and Christian Seeringer (Director Automotive, Mobility & Transportation).
The TLC is coordinated and facilitated by Laura von Chamier (Executive Assistant to the CEO).

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Jana Kamm,

Managerin Corporate Communications