Brands are more than logos, and more than three values on a chart. A brand is a company's soul and compass. The purpose symbolises what a company actually stands for.

With the help of smart didactics and an emotional edge, we support companies to acuminate the true significance of what they do and to make it tangible for everyone. We help companies to take up a position in people's lives and to find relevancein the hurly-burly of the digital age.

Getting to the core of the brand with innovative methods

The relevance of a brand cannot be designed. Instead, it has to be found. We trust in agile strategy development that does not see brand positioning as a linear equation, but rather gives it the free space it needs to truly comprehend the phenomenon of your brand. Meffert and Porter tend not to accompany us on this journey. Instead, we use innovative methods such as brand hackathons, which highlight brand truths, shared concepts of the enemy and important promises.

Brand work is highly strategic. Despite this, we seek out the core of the brand not just in the brand book, but also in the staff restaurant, the field sales team, the tender quotations and the terms and conditions.

Questions that spark our curiousity:
  • Is our brand model still future-ready in its current state?
  • How do we get from brand values to true brand purpose?
  • How do we derive unique content fields from our brand purpose?
  • How do we motivate our employees long-term and become a magnet for talents?
  • How do we operationalise the brand core in all areas of our company?
Mistakes that we have already learned from:
  • Pizza mista. Three positions in one. No courage or no mandate for true resolve. And yet the project is completed. Destined for the drawer right from the start.
  • Consensus leads to nonsense. Positioning disputed at grass roots level. This isn't the way to get an edge, unfortunately. Output expectation: average.
  • Truth over perception. Yet again only done with advertising in mind. The hour of brand truth is nigh, but it strikes in the perception at the POS, in the product and in service. Sadly not the right departments on the project? Wasted potential.
Customers that we are in cahoots with

Beiersdorf, Deutsche Bahn, Ikea, McDonald’s, Nestlé, Porsche, RTL, Zalando, and many more.

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