In future innovations will be tangible products with increasing rarity. Instead, non-tangible services and interactions will become the crucial differentiating feature. We equip companies for the service and experience economy and help them to devise surprising innovations, digital products and smart business models. To do this, we supply strategic surprises, use- and business cases, prototypes, MVPs and the right partners for pilot projects.

Innovations are novel solutions for real problems that yield results. This is our understanding and approach to every innovation project. 

We build the bridges between strategy and implementation

We don't employ dogmatic thinkers who stick closely to the process or methods involved. Instead, we develop and overhaul forward-looking services. From the identification of areas of potential through to the finished and tested prototype, we incorporate all relevant stakeholders. The three constant perspectives of our work are the challenge from the client, the needs of (internal and external) users and what is happening in the world. 

The aim of our work is to build a bridge between strategy and implementation and to supply a solution that is as impressive as it is surprising for everyone involved.

Benefit models instead of business models

We have a broad-based toolbox of methods on hand to tackle a wide variety of issues. To maximise user focus and entrepreneurial interest simultaneously, we tend to work with a benefit model rather than a business model. We use opportunity maps to systematically document opportunities instead of grasping for the easiest straw. 

The central impetus for innovation is always human desire. After all, technologies follow budgets and budgets follow desires.

Questions that spark our curiousity:
  • How can we be innovative on a systematic basis?
  • How do we revitalise our cash cows in the age of digitisation and which new products facilitate digital framework conditions?
  • How do we, as a German value-drive company with a sense of responsibility, connect to the global pace of innovation?
  • How do we design the consumer experiences of the future?
Mistakes we've already made for you:
  • Working on ghost problems - by the business case stage, it becomes apparent that customers will only spend more money if we solve a true problem for them.
  • Delivering innovation strategies without a proof of concept: Innovation projects are generally very risky. Without a proof of concept, barely anyone will trust a true innovation.
  • Learn from start-ups - eight out of ten go bust. The two that survive do this because they learn how to scale from the big companies. Start-ups are good for inspiration and pilots, but not a blueprint for innovation.
Customers with whom we've had lots of fun and achieved a lot together:

Audi, Daimler Financial Services, Deutsche Bahn, Telekom, Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge etc. 

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