Finding and keeping good staff is currently the biggest area of concern for many companies. Where technical superiority no longer offers a long-term competitive advantage, the team makes the difference. This applies to product and service development just as much as for the various customer touchpoints. Employees cannot be automated. They are the last bastion of charisma and differentiation. 

Employees are reached through clearly practised brand values and a strong position. It's about not just selling the brand promise externally any more, but also most importantly practising it internally. Anyone wanting to keep good people also needs a contemporary culture of innovation, the right training formats and most of all the ability to inspire those people with a vision.

Innovation: Team sport outside the comfort zone

At different, we don't believe in innovation gurus. Instead, we see innovativeness as a team sport that encourages a willingness to take risks, interest in content and stamina. Just as in any sport, innovation successes occur outside the comfort zone.

We help our customers to systematically strengthen their organisation's innovativeness and to step up the speed of their (re)actions. We draft strategies, concepts and formats for the communication and integration of user centricity, design thinking and service design, so that innovativeness does not remain a one-day wonder. We not only integrate user centricity, but we also make active use of it.

Questions that spark our curiosity:
  • What does our brand purpose mean for our management and recruitment?
  • How do we translate a technical service innovation into a service philosophy that we practise every day?
  • How do we ensure that our employees are aware of certain technical and media developments and are able to keep pace with the digital transformation?
  • What goals are we actually pursuing in the digital space?
  • What does the ideal employer experience look like in 2025?
Mistakes that we have already learned from:
  • Proof point over Powerpoint. It's about transferring ideas into pilots and demonstrators quickly. It’s the only way.
  • The time is right. I just don't know what for. What do my different stakeholders actually mean when they talk about digital transformation? Without a clear definition of terms and problems, there can be no clear goal and no clear objective.
  • I know all about digitalization. Anyone who says this is lying. Welcome to the world of your relative incompetence. Digital referendum. Digital transformation can only be achieved from the top down. There has to be involvement and commitment from the boss(es). Without that, the whole thing will smash against the wall.
Customers that we are in cahoots with:

Allianz, McDonald’s, MSD, MTU, Telekom, Unitymedia, Volkswagen and many more.