And lifeplace.

In the place where you spend the better part of your waking hours, you should feel at home. That’s why diffferent is more than just a place to work. It’s a place to live. And we work hard to make it happen.

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  • fffacility

    Very modestly we have to resort to superlatives: the best view and the most beautiful roof terrace in Berlin.

  • fffascination

    We are privileged to work on some unique challenges for our customers. We are often the first to be brought on board for future projects. The Heights: From start-up coaching to setting the strategic course for the Dax Group.

  • fffriends

    We want the smartest. And the nicest. That doesn't mean uniformity and cuddling. It's a very good mixture. The difffriends are completely different. And talk at eye level. No matter if strategist or director. Together that’s a bunch of exciting, likeable people.

  • fffun

    If you can work, you can also celebrate. We like to do that and we do it a lot. We celebrate victories and defeats. We say hello and goodbye. We celebrate ourselves and our customers. There are plenty of occasions. At the beginning of the year we take a break together and go to the "Winter Refreshment".

  • fffredom

    Our projects require surprising solutions. Our team also does: At Work & Travel we go on a journey of discovery. In Opportunity Labs we explore exciting theses. We decide about our further education ourselves - every difffriend has an inspiration budget.

  • ffflexibility

    We don't work'9 to 5'. If the cabin burns, it can get longer. But you can easily do overtime later and don't spend your time with the customer on a weekly basis. Plus: Even if we like the others around us, home office is no problem.


  • Alexander Kiock

  • Brenya Adjei

  • Dirk Jehmlich

  • Melanie Beck

  • Jan Pechmann

  • Jean Boucsein

  • Kathrin Gervasoni

  • Kim Neikes

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